The following services are offered by the Formian Team:
A). Production of customised versions of Formian-K
There are many cases when an organisation requires Formian-K tailored to some special needs and/or with some specific additional capabilities. Formian Team will welcome such a request and will produce the required customised version in accordance with a negotiated contract. Having a well-structured algebraic foundation, Formian-K provides a formidable conceptual tool kit for creation of software for solution of complex practical problems.

B). Form consultation
Formian Team has vast experience in creating novel structural forms, which provide ideal structural solutions, satisfying any combinations of specified requirements. The expertise of the Team, in particular, includes evolution of ‘freeforms’. Formian Team will be pleased to act as consultant for creation of structural forms in collaboration with architectural consultants. Experienced structural designers believe that a well thought-out initial structural form is much more likely to lead to a successful design than a hurriedly chosen initial form.

C). Teaching of workshops
Formian Team will welcome requests for providing teaching for Workshops on the topics related to the ‘design of spatial structures’ at various levels and for different durations. In particular, there is an increasing need for teaching of the concepts of ‘formex configuration processing’ in order to have a clear understanding of the foundations of the software Formian. A better understanding of the fundamentals will allow more effective and imaginative use of the software.

D). Structural design consultation
Formian Team has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of structures and, in particular, spatial structures. The Team can provide complete design, or collaborate with architectural and/or structural engineering consultants.