Gallery as a Learning Aide

 Formian-K has a collection of over 200 examples of lattice spatial structural forms. This collection is referred to as the ‘Gallery’ and is intended to be used as a source of possibilities for selection of suitable forms for practical applications. At the same time the Gallery represents a classification system for lattice spatial structures.
Every one of the examples of structural forms in the Gallery has a parametric (generic) formex formulation which is available to the User, to utilise as it is or to modify as required. Note that the fact that the formulations are parametric implies that every one of the examples in the Gallery, effectively, provides many different possibilities that can be obtained with different values of parameters.
In addition to the above uses, the Gallery may be regarded as a ‘learning aide’. To elaborate, in trying to formulate a configuration, the formulation of a similar form in the Gallery can provide indications on how to proceed with the formulation. This mode of usage of the Gallery may occur with any level of the knowledge of the User. But, of course, the more experienced and knowledgeable the User is, the easier it would be to follow the procedure by examining the formulation.