Elementary Level

 The elementary level involves the learning of the rudiments of formex algebra, basic aspects of configuration processing and the elements of the programming language Formian. In the suggested study material, the concepts are explained in terms of illustrative examples of spatial structural forms, such as single layer and double layer grids, barrel vaults and domes. Also, an essential part of the study at this level consists of learning about some morphological aspects of configurations. The study material for the elementary level consists of two documents, namely:
  • 1. Nooshin, H and Disney, P L,' Formex Configuration Processing I ', International Journal of Space Structures, Vol 15, No 1, 2000, pp 1-52, ISSN: 0266-3511. Download
  • 2. Nooshin, H and Samavati, O A,' Some Morphological Aspects of Configurations ', Proceedings of the IASS Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, September 2016. Download

    If required, the documents can be downloaded.by clicking the sign Download Experience has shown that the most effective mode of study of this material is to go through the text with a steady pace while all the given examples are being tried on the computer using Formian. Actually, it will be helpful, if in addition to the given examples, the Reader ventures trying some more cases that she/he may find interesting. Also, if at all possible, it is beneficial to study the material in a group of two or three people while discussing the material as progress is being made. The above comments regarding the manner of study of the material, is not only for the elementary level but also apply to the other levels of learning formex configuration processing. It is to be noted that, the first of the above study material is written with Formian-2 in mind. In trying the examples while studying the material, one can use Formian-2. However, it is preferable to use Formian-K with its much improved features.